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The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has accelerated across the globe at such an alarming rate that few organisations have been adequately prepared to deal with the rapid changes to their business. Employee communication with frontline workers who don’t have access to email during this crisis has been a real challenge.


We established a business continuity framework that has enabled us to respond quickly with accurate and consistent messaging to employees. Through the creation of planned and well executed comms campaigns we're making a difference to frontline workers while helping large organisations maintain business continuity. Our ability to remain responsive has helped organisations become a trusted source of information, and with best practice advice and 24/7 support our clients are handling emergency situations timeously. 

These are a few sector-specific case studies and learnings we have gleaned from the global pandemic so far: 



The retailers have had to combat the impact of an inordinate amount of fake news doing the rounds. They have needed to ramp up their employee communications efforts to keep employees informed, productive and safe while providing an essential service to the country. By sharing myth-busting facts and providing updates in real-time, the Wyzetalk platform has become a trusted source for daily stats and information. The Wyzetalk team has supported the retailers by supplementing content creation and messaging, and providing a team on standby to respond to emergencies. 

  • App activity has increased by 100% since the national disaster announcement on 15 March.
  • Employee app registrations have increased by more than 4 times in some cases when compared with previous months. 
  • Employees have been hyper responsive, with surveys completed by 20% of respondents within 24 hours.



Large mining operations have experienced some difficulty keeping tabs on where their employees are geographically, since they returned home for the lockdown. They also face the challenge of getting employees to return to work in a coordinated way while ensuring compliance with the DMR's new rules for mandatory screening and work permits for travel. Mines are having to deal sensitively with their workforce who now face the bittersweet conundrum of being asked to come back (job security) which increases their risk of infection.

Wyzetalk has been highly responsive around government announcements, poised and ready to share company updates as changes are made. Our solution has also proven useful for sharing regular and re-assuring communication with employees, while escalating emergency responses to management.

  • At one operation, more than 30% of the workforce opted in to receive daily business updates and COVID-19 related communication. 
  • The same operation surveyed their workforce to find out if they were in the country or not, and how they're feeling and they received more than 2000 responses. 
  • Another mining operation has used Wyzetalk to enable access to their learning system so that employees can continue learning during lockdown.
  • Through the Wyzetalk platform, mining operations are issuing digital travel permits to those who need to return to work.



A leading food manufacturer experienced some uncertainty amongst their staff who are the essential workers putting their lives - and those of their families - at risk every day by coming to work. Using the Wyzetalk platform, they created an inspiring campaign to keep their frontline workforce engaged, and recognise them for the valuable work they are doing. They did this by sharing how much food they were making and distributing and also how much had been supplied to vulnerable households during lockdown.

The campaign has inspired employees and improved morale by helping them to see that their contribution is so much bigger than themselves.



A leading car manufacturer has had to deal with a fair amount of panic from clients and employees, and an influx of questions relating to car servicing as well as other automotive-specific concerns. It has been a tough time with recent strikes and now an enforced lockdown, however they have used the Wyzetalk platform to share videos daily to connect with their people and keep them informed. They have encouraged employees to ask questions and highlight issues or challenges that they might be experiencing.

  • Management have been able to calm the panic by communicating daily and being responsive to the questions raised by employees.
  • An employee used the form to indicate that the sanitiser bottles had run out at a site, and management were able to respond quickly with refills.


Wyzetalk is committed to doing more and remaining highly responsive to help our clients act quickly and keep employees informed and healthy, so that operations can continue.