COVID-19 Crisis Comms Case Study

Case Study

COVID-19 Crisis Comms Case Studies

16 April 2019

The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has accelerated across the globe at such an alarming rate that few organisations have been adequately…

hungry lion employee engagement

Case Study

Hungry Lion Case Study

07 January 2019

One of Africa’s favourite quick service restaurants and best-loved chicken brand, Hungry Lion has a head office in Cape Town with most employees…

Impala employee engagement

Case Study

Impala Platinum Case Study

01 July 2018

Building on from the work we’ve undertaken in the mining sector, we launched with Impala Platinum Rustenburg Operations in March 2017. The work…

kauai employee engagement

Case Study

Kauai Case Study

15 June 2018

Kauai is big on their family culture, and the majority of employees are dispersed throughout the country with no access to email. They faced a…

Case Study

Ideation Case Study

14 April 2018

A large platinum mine has an anonymous hotline, where employees are able to ask questions, make suggestions and report incidents and illegal…