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Wyzetalk is a mobile-first employee engagement company that connects large businesses with their dispersed, non-desk workforce to improve communication, increase engagement and boost productivity.

Harnessing the power of our technology platform, we’re constantly challenging the way organisations communicate and engage with their employees. Our digital solution is the perfect way for clients to reach every employee (regardless of job level, location or mobile device) – and we need you to help us make this process as seamless as possible!

Purpose of the job

The purpose of this role is to support Wyzetalk clients by becoming a superuser of the Wyzetalk CMS, config and analytics systems to manage multiple client communities, and ensure content is uploaded and optimised to create an excellent user experience in Mobi, USSD, app and SMS.


Key areas of responsibility

For this job, the most critical areas of responsibility (Key Performance Areas – KPAs) are: 

  1. Content Administration
  2. People Management


Job activities/ tasks

Content Administration

  • Receive information and content from the Account Manager and various clients to be placed in their mobile communities according to a content menu structure and SMS requirement.
  • Content will need to be formatted in a way that is optimised for the mobile environment.
  • Respond to urgent crisis communications requirements from clients.
  • Become proficient in the Wyzetalk CMS and Analytics systems and all its functionality to manage multiple client communities, including:
  • Creating new communities for new clients or prospective clients.
  • Using the functionality to ensure content is uploaded and optimised to provide a superb client experience in mobi, USSD, app and SMS
  • Report bugs, service issues and recommend service improvements to the tech support team. 
  • Analyse/make sense of data and offer insights and recommendations.
  • Meet client needs with minimal scope and information.
  • Manage projects as and when the AM is not present or available.
  • Deal directly with clients occasionally.
  • Compile weekly or monthly reports as required by the clients that monitor progress, uptake and engagement.
  • Provide adhoc support to the content team to assist with overflow work and provide testing on communities, if capacity allows.
  • Time track for all client work using Harvest time sheets.


People Management

  • Work with other departments to understand timetables, platform capabilities and delivery requirements.
  • Provide support to the rest of the content team to assist with overflow work and help with testing the mobile communities.
  • Provide written and verbal client status updates to the internal team.
  • Ensure daily check ins with your line manager.
  • Ensure daily check ins with Customer Success Specialists, Traffic Controllers and Customer Success Lead.


Minimum qualifications & experience

  • Relevant diploma or qualification in communication, journalism or related fields
  • 3 years’ experience in the communication sector, creating content, copywriting.



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