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One of Africa’s favourite quick service restaurants and best-loved chicken brand, Hungry Lion has a head office in Cape Town with most employees working in dispersed urban and rural locations across the continent.



Hungry Lion transforms the way they engage with their people

Internal communications to employees in these stores is a challenge since it’s mostly driven by email and there is only one computer and 2 to 3 people per store with access to these emails. The Store Manager is responsible for communicating to all their employees which is also complicated by complex and ever-changing shift schedules and the pressure that goes with preparing their customer’s favourite meals. Outside of this, Hungry Lion has, in the past, had no way of tracking who was receiving the communication and what impact it was having.

For Hungry Lion, the need for a more dynamic communications solutions was not purely to reach their disconnected employees, they are also on a drive to standardise their customer experiences at every store and needed to more actively engage their employees on their standards, expectations and procedures. While achieving this, through their employee community, they were also able to successfully recognise and reward their employees with airtime and incentives; ensure marketing campaigns reached employees before the campaigns were advertised and find an easier way to collate employee feedback rather than rely on paper-based systems.



The solution and how it works

Wyzetalk created an employee community for Hungry Lion called WeConnect. From the outset, our Managed Services team of Communications Specialists worked closely with their teams to structure the communications to ensure immediate reach and impact.

Creating a name and visual identity that employees would come to recognise was really important, and scoping the content Hungry Lion wanted to communicate and the feedback they needed was a critical first step in the process. We made sure that all relevant departments including HR, Marketing, Operations and Training were involved from the start. During the implementation phase, we set up reporting dashboards to track the levels of participation and engagement and based on what our analytics showed us, we were able to refine our approach.

When the branded mobile community launched, easy-to-follow registration steps were communicated to the staff, and leaderboards were used to drive uptake among the regions. Every employee who registered for the first time received a personalised message and airtime.



Ensuring long term uptake and buy-in

Once WeConnect was entrenched with employees, we used the channel to facilitate open communication back from employees through surveys, competitions and always-on reporting channels which helped immensely with business improvement suggestions and creative ideas to build their internal culture. For Hungry Lion’s 21st birthday, the staff shared pictures of their teams enjoying the birthday cakes, as well as videos of their war cries on the pulse participation module. And to prove that business can also be fun employees were encouraged to write a poem or sing a song about how much they love Hungry Lion, and an overwhelming number of responses were received.

Reward and recognition systems are built into Wyzetalk and enabled the company to support their staff in Zambia with WiCode meal vouchers during the Cholera outbreak in 2018. It also proved useful for testing new products on the menu like the Candy Floss Syrup cups that were tested by employees who each received a staff voucher for the product.

The results and impact

Hungry Lion has seen tangible results since introducing their Wyzetalk solution, WeConnect
Since the launch of WeConnect Hungry Lion has seen a sales uplift of 27% year on year. This has been largely driven by their rewards system, incentivising teams to achieve certain goals.
There are now several executives and functional areas coming on board to use WeConnect successfully, driving business objectives through informing and recognising employees for living the values.
In 2018 Hungry Lion received a High Commendation Award for Internal Communications / Employer Brand at the Inaugural Employee Engagement Awards Africa ceremony, for improving their employee experience with the WeConnect app.

Using WeConnect, Hungry Lion has saved costs on their annual employee engagement survey and it’s much quicker to tally the results and action the feedback. Each store and region was incentivised and the internal competition was also good for generating awareness and the highest participation rates experienced so far in this survey. This responsiveness has also allowed the business to rectify gaps in training within a 5 week campaign, where in the past it might’ve taken months and they may never have been able to fully address the issues.