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A large platinum mine has an anonymous hotline, where employees are able to ask questions, make suggestions and report incidents and illegal behaviour without fear of intimidation. The process of managing this has for some time remained manual. It’s a lengthy process and feedback to the person is not possible.



An Anonymous Hotline with Real-time Response

Wyzetalk's always-on functionality means someone is always listening and responding to users in near-real-time if required. Employees are able to choose a topic that their query relates to, which helps us sort and send the questions to the relevant departments for quicker resolve.

Aside from asking questions and reporting issues, ideation is an important component of this channel. We receive business improvement suggestions from employees all the time, some are small suggestions, others have the potential for a major impact. In one such case we uncovered that a type of roof bolt being used at the rock face was actually the cause of a few too many incidents. It’s only through a suggestion that we received through the platform that prompted an investigation that the necessary changes were introduced. In this case, the employee was recognised and rewarded and other underground sites now have the benefit of using tools that aid safety and productivity.



Making Business Better

A JSE listed chemical group understood that the best ideas for their business can come from their own people who work on the job, day after day. They launched their Wyzetalk communications solution centred around ideation, so that their employees could have the opportunity to give feedback, ideas and suggestions on how to improve the business in a formalised and transparent way.

We started with 257 active users at the time of the launch, and since then, 674 ideas have been submitted of which 68 are being reviewed, 17 are in development and 9 have already launched across the business. The economic impact of these ideas is still being calculated but estimations indicate the improvement and cost saving is significant and unlikely to have been achieved through other interventions. What’s more, suggestions that come from the business are also easier to implement as employees are already on board.



Safety First

The CEO of a large South African rail, port and pipeline company, headquartered in Johannesburg recently ran a safety campaign asking their employees to “suggest a safety idea”. At the click of a button, prompted by a simple SMS directing them to their employee community, the Company received 54 honest and valid responses indicating areas of the business that needed attention. A similar exercise would normally have involved external consultants, inspectors and contractors to assess every location and provide feedback and reporting, which would have taken months at a significant cost.

Employee feedback

Some of the feedback received from their employees included the following:
“Incorporate the "no walking and talking" principle on the company premises. If one needs to answer their phone, they need to stand and answer the phone. We see so often people tripping because they are not paying attention to where they are going.”
“We need a handheld digital anemometer for our SHE reps/supervisors to measure the wind speeds at our terminals and make a quicker and more informed decision when wind speeds reach the operation limit, or when it’s unsafe to continue working.”
“Increase the manning requirements concerning the Pilot Boats In Marine services from 3 to 4. If one of the GPR falls overboard it will be difficult for the remaining two to rescue him as the Master must remain on the bridge, and the Chief may need to man the engine room.”