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Building on from the work we’ve undertaken in the mining sector, we launched with Impala Platinum Rustenburg Operations in March 2017. The work we’re doing here has been incredibly rewarding and from the employee feedback we’ve received we know we’re changing lives.



Already seeing results

More than just communicating with employees that were previously not reached, our solution has proved to be true engagement with the feedback channels we enable. Employees can now simply reply to an SMS that we send, and we monitor the feedback. We have always-on channels for employees to report incidences, reply to surveys, answer questions or simply just engage with management.

These engagement campaigns include:

  • Determine whether training programs are working by testing employees’ recall of facts. This formed a critical part of their operations optimisation programme where poor performance and safety is a direct result of a lack of understanding critical protocols.
  • The platform was used to get feedback from employees on whether they were able to commit to working additional shifts over the festive closure period. The speed and efficiency with which our digital channel activated these campaigns coupled with the reporting capability lightened the workload for HR significantly compared to their paper-based system.
  • They can nominate a colleague as a ‘Superhero’ which is a fellow employee that adheres to the values they’re trying to instill in the organisation. Recognising peers is good for building a positive workplace culture.
  • By digitising their reporting/feedback channel, users no longer had to face intimidation or discrimination by reporting issues to their management. They can now send a message via the platform anonymously and have it escalated to the right decision-maker via an automated workflow from the Wyzetalk system, resolving issues faster and more effectively.

Creating content that’s relevant

Approaching communication from a balanced scorecard position we’ve published a wide range of content covering topics like:
Critical alerts
Strategic programs
Health & Wellness
Production results
Shift changes
Internal vacancies
Community investment
Reward and Recognition
Anonymous tip-off line

Employee Engagement Critical Success Factors

The critical success factors that we continue to recognise as key to successful implementation and adoption of our employee engagement solutions include:

  • Buy-in from all senior leadership.
  • Comprehensive research to understand worker sentiment, understand issues and align the content and objectives of both the employer and employee.
  • A strategy with content plans that are agreed to but also agile enough to change depending on feedback from the workers and issues that arise.
  • A committed and dynamic team (Client and Wyzetalk) that are in constant contact to facilitate time-critical content.
  • One cannot underestimate the power of targeted communication and our back office campaign system is set up for this e.g. a message sent to a foreman to resolve an issue he is currently confronted.
  • The Client has to be committed to making the requisite changes, as appropriate, based on the feedback received from workers.