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Kauai is big on their family culture, and the majority of employees are dispersed throughout the country with no access to email. They faced a critical challenge where communications were not reaching their non-desk workers, including those working in the kitchens and behind tellers.



A comms solution that’s inclusive of non-desk workers

Kauai was looking for a communications solution that could be an always-on connection between all employees and head office. A place where every employee could share ideas and concerns, nominate and recognise colleagues for good work, be able to wish fellow employees a happy birthday, while enabling instant access to all HR related info such as policies and procedures. A platform that could be central to their family culture, helping to unify all employees and make them feel important and included.



Getting the family connected with K-Konnect

Before launching Kauai’s mobile community, K-Konnect, we ran a series of workshops with various stakeholders to understand the key success factors for the solution. Once branding and content for the platform had been established, we conducted a launch strategy workshop to ensure a successful roll out of the platform to all employees. Kauai chose to launch their new Values and Purpose on their K-Konnect mobile community with the goal of driving values and behaviour through the platform by incentivising employees to participate.

We held regular project meetings to define the launch strategy, which included teasers two weeks before launching the platform which included bite-size information of what to look forward to as well as a countdown to launch, with the aim of starting a conversation and creating excitement among employees.

Their project team included representation from all the different departments and employee groups ensuring that no group was left out of the process. We worked with them on the content strategy based on requirements from all the stakeholders - employees (users), head office and HR with a view of the goals and key success factors for the platform.

Impactful content and culture-driving campaigns

Since launching, some of their most interactive campaigns have included the following:
Driving their “Energy” value by encouraging employees to create war cries within stores and then allowing them to vote for their favourite store via the platform, the winning store received retail vouchers via the platform
Driving recruitment needs by enabling employees to refer friends or apply for internal vacancies from the platform
Enabling employees to provide suggestions on better ways of working and the kind of communications they would like to receive on the platform


The results and achievements

Every employee, regardless of location or mobile device now has instant access to relevant work-related communications. Employees can access the platform on both smartphone and feature phone with USSD being reverse billed back to head office.

There has been improvement in employee attitude and an increase in employee involvement with a significant percentage of employees buying into our Values and Purpose. K-Konnect has helped Kauai to create a sense of belonging and understanding across the board, that they are one team and one family, and by working together they can make Kauai a success.


Using K-Konnect as the central communications tool for their employees and harnessing the power of Wyzetalk’s product features such as the Pulse Participation and Reward and Recognition capabilities, together with the support of our Managed Services team of communications specialists, Kauai was crowned the winner of the 2018 Africa Employee Engagement Africa Awards for Internal Communications / Employer Brand.