Internal Communications

Deliver critical and operational communications to your entire organisations at the click of a button, and track who has received and read it. Employees who are kept in the loop feel more valued and engaged, resulting in increased productivity.

Surveys, feedback and scoring

Feel the pulse of your people by enabling them to give feedback via surveys, polls, or free-text responses on a range of challenges within the organisation, such as operations, corporate wellness, health and employment issues, working conditions, training and housing.

Employee Ideation

Your employees’ ideas can change the way you do business. Through ideation, employees can submit ideas that support the business strategy by improving retention, efficiencies, safety, and productivity.

Training and Development

Share bite-sized training and induction information using basic text (via USSD and SMS) or provide extensive training with videos, documents, and infographics. Scored surveys will enable you to gauge whether or not employees retain this information, and take corrective measures to support individuals who need additional training.

Health and Safety

Maintain health and safety awareness by sharing information that keeps employees up to date with workplace safety. You can also provide employees with the opportunity to report back on incidents, faulty equipment, or unsafe conditions.

Incentives and Rewards

Incentivise and reward your employees for signing up to receive internal communication, for engaging with you, participating in initiatives or for sharing their ideas by means of airtime vouchers or retail vouchers.

Segmented Communications

Your communications teams have the ability to set up menu items for segmented groups enabling your employees to receive information that is specific to their role within the organisation. With advanced segmentation, content can be viewed by segments such as role, gender, or region.

Outbound messaging

Send out quick, easy and instant SMS or in-app notifications to all your employees to communicate emergency updates, training snippets, company information or other important news.

Dashboards and Real time results

Real-time feedback on forms, surveys, outbound SMSes and campaigns enable you to keep an eye on the performance of your communications efforts from a single dashboard. Figures and stats relating to your workforce can be adjusted for business requirements within seconds.