Use case

Online sales are a constant threat to the retail environment, with more and more stores needing to prioritise productivity to stay ahead. Shifts are constantly changing, yet most stores are still reliant on notice board printouts to keep staff informed. Non-digital communication channels are ineffective and inadequate when there is a crisis such as a product recall, and manual productivity reporting is time consuming and often inaccurate.

Our approach

By creating an official digital mobile community, communication can be delivered instantly across the company, reaching everyone. Employees can receive news, promotions and product updates, and get access to company policies and payslip information via their personal mobile phone. A number of retailers are making free WiFi available for staff and implementing reverse data billing, so it doesn’t cost employees to get onboard.

Hospitality And Retail Employee Engagement

Schedule Management

Avoid the errors of working with paper-based schedules by digitising schedule management. Employees can view the schedule in real-time on their personal mobile device and receive change alerts.

Hospitality And Retail Employee Engagement

Productivity Reporting

Near real-time analytics and reporting can help each store to identify where improvements can be made. Implement changes and track and measure the outcomes to maximise productivity.

Retail And Hospitality Employee Engagement

Emergency Comms

Send emergency announcements such as product recalls to your entire organisation at the click of a button, and view the analytics to see who has received and read it.