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Wyzetalk is a mobile-first employee engagement company that connects large businesses with their dispersed, non-desk workforce to improve communication, increase engagement and boost productivity.

Harnessing the power of our technology platform, we’re constantly challenging the way organisations communicate and engage with their employees. Our digital solution is the perfect way for clients to reach every employee (regardless of job level, location or mobile device) – and we need you to help us make this process as seamless as possible!

Purpose of the job

The purpose of this job ‌is to manage and align the implementation and development of the Wyzetalk platform for new and existing clients. This will entail working closely and building strong and successful relationships with our clients and ensuring delivery on time, according to the agreed scope, and within budget. You will need to ensure availability of skills and resources to deliver on client requirements and manage expectations across Wyzetalk and our clients through the effective setup and management of Client Portfolios.


You will be required to focus on efficiencies aligned to delivery and drive better ways of working across Wyzetalk.  You will be responsible for the Strategic direction of the Implementation and development teams and will be required to monitor, lead, train, mentor and manage staff. You will need to also liaise with all existing leadership, staff members, managers and clients in order to achieve the goals of Wyzetalk as well as client goal.


Key areas of responsibility

For this job, the most critical areas of responsibility (Key Performance Areas – KPA’s) are:

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Programme to Project Management
  3. Project Administration
  4. Client Engagement and communication
  5. Technical Sales
  6. People management
  7. Finance and Budgeting


Job activities/ tasks

Strategic Management

  • Contributing to business strategy and growth plans within the Clients and Projects Unit with regards to the implementation and development of the Wyzetalk platform for new and existing clients
  • Working with fellow members of management to collectively implement business objectives


Programme to Project Management


Project Planning:

  • Provide strong project management, managing the development and implementation of the Wyzetalk platform

Project Roll-out and implementation:

  • Manage and drive weekly project meetings.
  • Manage and drive reporting cycles for each project..
  • Develop a change management plan for the client to ensure successful product implementation and manage accordingly.


Project Administration

  • Manage and oversee a project management dashboard and oversee the update of  key progress items relating to each project (budgeting, risks, changes to scope, delivery dates, resourcing, etc.)
  • Monitor project progress continuously and make detailed scheduled reports on measurable items, such as milestones and deliverables.
  • Sign off on project close-out reports.


Client Engagement & Communication

  • Manage and oversee comprehensive project documentation for client’s reporting purposes.
  • Manage and oversee the project execution communication for clients.
  • Manage the client engagement process, including technical scoping, technical workshops, scoping documents, scope approvals, and implement a formal change control process for scope creep.
  • Offer continuous improvement by assessing customer issues and determining root causes and future prevention plans


Technical Sales

  • Assist the professional services team to sell the technical aspects of the Wyzetalk solution.
  • Dealing directly with clients, estimating costs, estimating effort and commitment to dates.
  • Conduct technical compliance meetings and engage with clients on enterprise level technical discussions.


People Management

  • Manage and engage with key stakeholders within the project team (client and Wyzetalk) to ensure effective integration of activities.
  • Driving effective performance management
  • Ensuring the sourcing and retention of unit critical skills
  • Driving improvements in unit culture and staff satisfaction
  • Minimizing labor relations risk


Finance & Budgeting

  • Developing an annual budget for the Client and Projects unit
  • Ensuring unit adherence to budget parameters                                   


Minimum qualifications & experience

  • General BCom / Business Management Qualification
  • Project Management courses
  • 5 -8 years experience in a business project management environment
  • Technical project management experience
  • Involvement in technical / development environment



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