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Wyzetalk is committed to helping organisations build trust through transparent communication. We focus on the organisation as a whole, including stakeholders that have an impact on the employee’s welfare and well-being. In large organisations, like those in the mining, retail and manufacturing sectors, this means being inclusive of the Unions that represent the interests of employees too.



A solution that's union-inclusive

Part of the initial process with onboarding a client is understanding who the Unions are and sensitising both the platform and its purpose with key role models at the Union organisations, for example, shop stewards, regional and national leadership. In doing this we meet with the organisation’s Comms officials and Union representatives to talk them through the platform and how it works before a launch takes place. We often provide them with Q&A supporting collateral that they can take away and discuss within their leadership structures. Their support is important to our process of transparency and building trust within organisations.

It’s important that no party feels disintermediated, which is something that the Unions are often sensitive to. With this in mind, we set up a few rules for the types of content and discussions that our platforms may facilitate. This often means, for example, that we commit to never discussing issues related to wage negotiations directly with employees thereby working around the agreed processes and channels already in place with Unions.

We also suggest that the platform is offered, as an additional communications channel, to the Unions to use in their communication with their members. And since we have the employee data with segmentation we can easily and quickly activate content or an SMS to go out to their members and we can set up surveys and provide the Union leadership with feedback from their members.

Unions appreciate this inclusive approach, and although they’re not high uses of our platforms, once they feel included they’re less likely to resist it. In the past, Unions have used Wyzetalk communities to inform members of mass meetings, sports days, information about protest gatherings, branch conferences and leadership nomination information.

Here’s a thank you message from one of the senior regional leaders from the NUM organisation at AngloGold Ashanti in response to a campaign we did:


Dear [Wyzetalk team], I just wanted to say thanks as the message went through and NUM members responded in numbers thanks to you and [Client]. - NUM leadership member


We are fortunate to have good relations with Unions in the mining communities we serve, and they support our efforts to keep employees informed, up to date and safe at work, in their homes and within their communities.