Wyzetalk for Workforce

Wyzetalk enables businesses to engage directly with their workforce regardless of job grade, title or location creating bidirectional communication between leadership and their workforce.


 Create targeted surveys and competitions to gain feedback from employees.

Create and send messages to segmented groups within your organisation.

Reward your employees for participating with retail and airtime vouchers of their choice.

Integrate with existing HR platforms, ensuring that workforce records are matched and up to date.

Enable your employees to request payslips and leave forms directly from their phone.

Access real time data that gives you immediate insight into delivery status and response monitoring.

Self-Registration & Assisted On boarding

Our easy to use self-registration process allows employees to register and opt-in to receive work related messages to their personal cell phone at no cost to the employee.


We can also integrate with an existing HR system and automatically register employees to receive company messages and reply with feedback

Targeted Communication

Share specific and targeted information with various employees based on their user segments utilizing user properties such as location, job title or business unit.

Information sent to large workforces can be done in multiple languages, for the first time, giving your employees the chance to receive information and give feedback to the organisation in their own mother tongue.

Break the Language Barrier

Data Analysis and Immediate Results

Our data analysis service aggregates the feedback from your employees in real time – posting these results directly to your Enterprise community where key members or groups can discuss them in a transparent, collaborative environment.