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Connecting People with Purpose
Wyzetalk is a leading Enterprise Social Network and workforce engagement company that aims to connect people at every level of the organisation, from the CEO in an office environment to the packer on the warehouse floor.
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Innovate
Wyzetalk's customised solutions range from simple bidirectional communication to collaborative ecosystems. This journey is facilitated by our advisory services and backed by a worldclass technical support team.
Wyzetalk for Workforce
Wyzetalk enables businesses to engage directly with their workforce regardless of job grade, title or location creating bidirectional communication between leadership and their workforce.
Wyzetalk for Professionals
Our enterprise social networking platform allows members to collaborate amongst teams and on projects, create groups and share files, images and videos.
Wyzetalk's Advisory Services
Our experienced advisory team will assess your business readiness for open collaboration, define a social business strategy and successful deploy a solution into your employee base.
Our focus in Africa has led us to create an innovative communication solution.
The Wyzetalk platform is designed for the African and emerging markets catering for a broad range of mobile handsets ranging from the basic feature phones to the top end smart phones, tablet, and PC’s.

Its all about the Numbers

79 %
Of organisations use ESN's today
22 %
Increase in profitability
37 %
Increase in collaboration and productivity
25 %
Decrease in staff turnover and training

Our Clients