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At the heart of Wyzetalk
is our Connect Platform

The Wyzetalk Connect Platform gives you the ability to engage and communicate with every employee, on any device - regardless of role, level and region.

The platform flexibility allows employees to engage with you via their mobile device - sharing feedback, employee insights, ideas, process improvement, and underlying concerns such as inequality, mismanagement or corruption at any level of the organisation.

Connecting employers
and employees since 2012

Wyzetalk has developed innovative mobile, USSD and app technology that has enabled many businesses to reach a disengaged workforce – no matter what mobile device they use. Gathering real-time analytics, any feedback to and from employees is instantaneous, and allows you to make business critical decisions based on insightful employee feedback.

Most notably, we have seen increases in production, safety, morale and overall trust in the businesses that these employees work for.

Support for your business in every step of the journey

Content Management

Get support from the research and planning stage to the implementation and on-going management.

Technical Consulting

Customise, configure and integrate features to suit your organisation's needs to ensure easy adaptability and user continuity.

Strategy Consulting

Effectively create and manage distributed content in order to reach specific target audiences and segments.

Leading brands who keep their employees connected and engaged