Industry Experience.

Working with experience gained from more than a decade of operations in large enterprises, Wyzetalk has demonstrated its capabilities to deliver innovative and engaging solutions within the Shipping sector with specific focus on corporate communications and the wellbeing and productivity of employees.

  • Corporate Communications

    The Challenge

    Communicating with vessels and employees whilst at sea has long been a challenge in the maritime industry. Traditionally, companies have relied on satellite connectivity which is unreliable, extremely expensive, poses several information security challenges and only allows for one-way communication.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk has developed a bespoke Satellite Hosting Instance (SHI) specifically engineered for the shipping industry. Through installing a virtual hosting instance on each vessel, head offices are able to communicate with seafarers who, in turn, can communicate with HQ and each other. In addition, rather than having multiple satellite links, data and content sharing is done via a single, local instance, greatly enhancing data security.

    The Impact

    • Enhanced information security.
    • Reduction in data costs.
    • Better two-way communication.
    • An increased sense of belonging amongst employees.
  • Employee Wellness

    The Challenge

    The mental wellbeing of seafarers has also been a major concern given the large amount of time they spend away at sea, unable to communicate with friends and family. The negative impacts of this isolation significantly increased during the COVID pandemic as seafarers were unable to keep connected with or check in on loved ones.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s employee wellness solution can be used to drive wellness campaigns and learning programmes to help employees improve their mental, physical and financial wellness. The platform can also be used to provide employees with easy access to a clinic contact centre, a clinic monthly calendar linked to personalised notifications about key appointments, as well as hosting general wellness information and tips. Using our analytics dashboards, managers can also track wellness campaign impacts, training statistics and improvements in wellness over time based on survey data.

    The Impact

    • Employees are better equipped to manage their own wellness.
    • Ability to track wellness levels from a single, integrated source.
    • Better ability to drive improvements in mental wellbeing and overall wellness over time.
  • Employee Experience

    The Challenge

    The shortage of skilled seafarers is predicted to have the greatest negative impact on the shipping industry in the next ten years. This shortage is partly fuelled by low staff retention rates.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s employee feedback capabilities including culture, engagement and pulse surveys, employee ideation, and general feedback, enable companies to better understand the employee experience and factors leading to high turn-over rates. In addition, our advisory teams can support you to develop and implement the interventions required to respond to the issues emerging from employee feedback in order to improve turn-over rates over time.

    The Impact

    • Greater employee voice and a sense of belonging.
    • Better understanding of the employee experience and the factors driving high turn-over.
    • Support in improving retention rates over time.

"Wyzetalk has a proven track record of driving and executing innovation in industries that are often viewed as reluctant. This was decisive in our choice for Wyzetalk. The Wyzetalk solution allows our non-desk employees to stay connected through an easy, informal and engaging application that will generally contribute to the safety and wellbeing of our employees at sea. The improved connectivity between us and with our seafarers creates extra confidence and reduces workplace risks thanks to consistent and clear communication. This will ultimately improve the overall employee experience."

Managing Director - Large Shipping Conglomerate

What our clients say.

Engaging Workers at Sea

Using the Wyzetalk platform, the company was able to connect directly with seafaring employees, enabling them to engage with colleagues on other ships and those in the office. Through the platform the company was able to give employees critical company information, undertake employee surveys and run wellness campaigns to boost…

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Client Success Story.

shipping inudustry

The Client

A large European multi-functional container shipping company with 54 vessels and over 1,100 seafaring employees.

The Challenges

  • Massively geographically distributed workforce.
  • Reliance on expensive and intermittent satellite solutions.
  • Security concerns around existing methods of communication.
  • No engagement solution for employees on the vessels and those on land to remain connected.

Wyzetalk Solutions

  • A Satellite Hosting Instance (SHI) specifically engineered for the shipping industry.
  • Small virtual hosting instance onboard each vessel linked to the SHI, enabling two-way communication between head office and seafarers.
  • Custom-branded mobile application and employee engagement platform.

The Results Achieved

The solution that Wyzetalk developed has given seafarers an open channel of communication, regardless of where they are. Employees now feel engaged and valued, which in turn improves productivity as they are connected and can access interesting content using the platform.

The company is seeing huge savings on data costs due to the single file transfer via the virtual hosting instance and multiple satellite links have been minimised, making information transfer safe and secure.

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