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Five Important Global Employee Experience Trends

Over the past year and a half, the world of work has gone through massive…
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Four Frontline Workforce Management Trends

Over the last 18 months, during the worst periods of the COVID-19 pandemic, while office…
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Wyzetalk Forms

For large-scale businesses with thousands of employees, scattered over multiple sites, it is important to…
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How to Combat Frontline Worker Attrition

“Approximately 40% of all employees are considering leaving their jobs within the next year.” This…
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emplooyee on app

The Employee App: Everything You Need to Know Before Building Your Own

Communicating effectively with a large dispersed frontline workforce is challenging. The physical distance between employers…
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How to use Technology to Improve Frontline Employee Experience across your Workforce

Managing a large and diverse frontline workforce is difficult, especially if organisations lack a clear…
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Wyzetalk’s Sustainability Solution

According to Global Forest Watch, “In 2010, the world had 3.92Gha of tree cover, extending…
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reaching out in times of crisis

Reaching Out in Times of Crisis

Nobody could have predicted or prepared for the unprecedented times that we have found ourselves…
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digital transformation

Modernising Employee Communication

As we find ourselves in the midst of the age of digital transformation, many organisations…
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COVID-19 mining industry vaccination rollout

Harnessing Technology in the Mining Industry to Vaccinate Against COVID-19

The mining sector is the beating heart of South Africa’s economy, contributing to 8.2% of…
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2021 Gartner Report.

Gartner Innovation Insight for the Connected Factory Worker

Innovation Insight for the Connected Factory Worker

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