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disengaged employees

Disengaged Employees: Bridging the Gap

“Disengaged employees cost the world $7.8 trillion a year in lost productivity” – Gallup The…
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employee experience and employee engagement

Employee Experience and Employee Engagement: What you need to know

Employee engagement and employee experience are two critical components of a successful business. Although the…
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digitising business processes

Digitising Business Processes: Reasons to Embrace the Future

In today’s connected, digital age, the importance of harnessing information technology to be competitive should…
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improve business sustainability

4 Ways to Improve Business Sustainability

Placing business sustainability at the top of an organisation’s agenda, often has a positive impact…
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employee connection via technology

Seven ways Technology can Improve Employee Connection

In today’s world, technology plays an increasingly important role in the workplace, and can go…
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future of work

The Future of Work: The Skillset for Tomorrow

Prior to 2020 the world of work was already undergoing a gradual transformation towards digitalisation…
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worker happiness at work

Worker Happiness and Employee Engagement

“People who love going to work are more productive and more creative. They go home…
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employee mental health

5 Tips to Help Improve Employee Mental Health 

Prioritising employee mental health in the workplace is one of the positive impacts that has…
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umoja press release

Kamoto Copper Company Spearheads Innovative Employee Engagement Solutions

• Kamoto Copper Company, Vodacom and Standard Bank partner to provide all full-time employees with…
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empoyee engagement trends

5 Employee Engagement Trends for 2023

Let’s unpack the top employee engagement trends for 2023 Employee engagement has taken a downward…
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