Industry Experience.

Our clients in the Retail industry have benefited immensely from our unified mobile communication platform, micro-learning solution as well as the digitisation of multiple paper-based processes resulting in efficiency improvements.

  • Customer Experience

    The Challenge

    In a highly competitive sector such as Retail, continuous improvement of the customer experience is vital to business success. All too often, however, the impact of employees and the employee experience on driving excellent customer experience is overlooked.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s employee experience solution enables you, at a click of a button, to source data about the different experiences of employees and match them to critical operational metrics to understand how employee experiences impact the customer experience.

    It also helps you to understand where you need to intervene to bring about performance improvements and monitor how these interventions are working over time.

    The Impact

    • Deeper understanding of the employee experience.
    • Enhanced ability to manage the impact of employee experiences on operational performance.
    • Improvements in customer experience over time.
  • Operational Efficiency

    The Challenge

    Effective workforce management is critical to improving cost efficiencies and optimising store operations. Achieving this involves putting in place efficient workforce planning systems that also enable you to make last minute changes with the press of a button.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s schedule management solution empowers employees to easily and instantly access their shift schedules and standby rosters digitally. Therefore, they always know when they are required to work and they can stay informed of any changes within seconds. Knowing who is on standby at any given moment also improves the ability of managers to make quick work adjustments to respond to the unexpected.

    The Impact

    • Decrease in schedule related work stoppages or productivity dips.
    • Increased ability of employees to manage their time.
    • Enhanced ability of managers to respond to scheduling emergencies.
  • Learning

    The Challenge

    In the midst of changing business models and the growing digitisation of the retail experience, a key challenge is how to upskill employees and manage the changes associated with new ways of working.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s multi-media micro-learning solution enables employees to access learning on the go so they can learn anywhere, anytime. You can structure who has access to what type of learning based on different employee groups linked to customised learning journeys, have employees undertake an assessment at the end of each module and also enable employees to provide feedback on the quality of their learning experience.

    The Impact

    • Accelerated learning through enabling employees to access learning on the go.
    • Increased ability to improve learning effectiveness based on employee experience feedback.
    • Better ability to track learning attainment across the organisation through a central digital repository.

“The line between communication and training used to be very clear, where training happened in the classroom. Now, unless I’m completing a formal qualification, I don’t want to sit in a classroom for hours absorbing information I may not use. I want just-in-time learning or I want learning in the moment, or just the key snippets that are necessary.  The app has been very useful for this kind of micro-learning concept. We’ve extended what was originally a communications engagement channel and we’ve started using the app to be part of the learning delivery methods to enable our digital learning journey.”

- People Director, Multinational Retailer 

What our clients say.

Targeted Microlearning

Traditional learning systems made it difficult to ensure that all employees had access to the correct training materials and also made it hard to track training undertaken from one central point. Wyzetalk implemented learning on the go, where employees could access modules from their mobile devices and have their scores…

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Client Success Story.

Retail workers learning

The Client

A large multinational retail company established nearly a century ago. With nearly 400 stores nationwide, the business employs over 34,500 staff members, of which 26,501 are frontline workers.

The Challenges

  • Increasing productivity and streamlining processes by creating a digital learning space for thousands of frontline workers.
  • To increase product knowledge as well as introduce new ways of working in a digital rather than face-to-face classroom space.
  • Digitisation of paper-based processes in order to improve accuracy throughout the learning and evaluation processes.
  • Need for single overview of the learning progress and results.
  • Critical systems rollout during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Wyzetalk Solution

  • An automated solution that fast-tracks the learning process including an easy-to-track learning flow.
  • Providing employees with pre-learning content and access to all information required for upcoming assessments.
  • Multimedia content including text, video, and audio files which employees can access whenever they need to.
  • Digitisation of the outdated paper-based processes as well as the progress for each employee.
  • The ability to use surveys to gather important feedback from employees so that improvements can be made where necessary.
  • Introduction of a single point of truth for tracking everything from progress on learning materials to assessments and pass rates.

The Results Achieved

Wyzetalk has eliminated the inefficiency related to tracking employee learning manually by automating the entire process, saving time and improving efficiencies for the company.

The digitisation of the learning process has also helped staff members feel more in control of their own learning experiences, empowering and encouraging them to continue to learn and upskill.

The implementation of the app-based learning solution means that this large retail business saves time, cuts down on costs and has a more knowledgeable workforce. Thanks to all of the information, assessments and pass/fail rates being stored centrally, the head office is in control of the learning experience without the need to track paper files. In addition, it has a full view of what areas need more attention when it comes to their employees’ knowledge base and the areas they are doing well in.

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