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Health and safety is vital for every business. The COVID-19 pandemic has also illustrated how important it is for companies to digitise critical processes so that employees are educated and remain informed concerning the outbreak. Wyzetalk has developed award-winning solutions to solve this challenge for your organisation.

  • Safety Knowledge

    The Challenge

    Health and Safety regulations require that employees understand organisational safety policies and procedures. However, frontline employees don’t always absorb all the information given to them in toolbox talks and, without access to technology like email, information on critical safety policy updates or emergency protocols can be easily missed.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s safety solution enables you to put the latest safety information directly at employees’ fingertips, whether its new safety campaigns, providing access to safety policies and procedures or informing them about changes in safety protocols. With our micro-learning solution, employees can also access safety training anytime, anywhere with their test results being work-flowed to their supervisor so that they can track training progress and safety understanding.

    The Impact

    • Increased level of safety awareness amongst employees.
    • Enhanced ability to track and manage employee completion of required safety training.
  • Incidents & Hazards

    The Challenge

    A key factor in reducing safety incidents is the maintenance of a safe environment. This is not only the responsibility of managers and supervisors. Getting feedback from employees is also critical to an organisation’s ability to manage safety hazards or incidents quickly and effectively.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s safety solution enables employees to log a safety hazard or a safety incident including attaching pictorial representation of the incident or hazard. Using our group chat functionality, these logs can be work-flowed to the relevant manager who can then use the same functionality to issue instructions regarding how to address the issue and track whether those instructions have been carried out and the issue resolved.

    The Impact

    • Greater empowerment of employees in taking responsibility for creating a safe environment.
    • Enhanced ability to manage hazards and incidents fast and effectively.
  • Safety Management

    The Challenge

    Effective safety management requires the creation of a safety culture within the organisation. Key to this is enabling and encouraging employees to adopt safe behaviours and take ownership of the safety of themselves and their team.

    The Solution

    Through Wyzetalk’s safety solution, employees can easily and quickly order personal protective equipment and receive up to date lost time injury statistics in the palm of their hand so that they can track the safety performance of themselves and their team. Managers can encourage improvements in safe behaviours through individual and team recognition as well as financial and non-financial rewards. They can also encourage healthy competition between teams by giving employees access to safety leaderboards so a team can track how their doing compared to other teams or the entire organisation.

    The Impact

    • Employees feel more empowered to manage their own safety.
    • Increased collaboration within teams on maintaining safe behaviours.
    • Decrease in safety incidents over time.

Key Features.

  • Health & Safety

    • Easy logging of safety hazards that ensure quick responses and reactions
    • Lost time injury statistics
    • Launching of Health & Safety campaigns to increase awareness
    • Sharing of critical safety behaviour information
    • Safety equipment ordering
    • Ability for managers to track all issues via safety dashboards
    • Distribution and execution of emergency protocols
    • Key contact details
    Health & Safety Dashboards for employee experience
  • COVID-19 Updates

    • Latest infection rate statistics within the company as well as nationally
    • Government updates regarding the spread of the virus
    • Health and wellness information around the pandemic
    • Symptom awareness ensuring that employees know when they may be at risk
    • Home screening assessments
    • State management for site entry
    • Temperature tracker at the click of a button
    • Clinic updates and contact details
    • Vaccination programme management

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