Our Solution.

Wyzetalk’s HR Self-Service solution enables you to digitise critical operational processes, saving you time and costs whilst also making employees lives easier. At a click of a button, you can provide employees with access to job vacancies, their employee benefits and payslips, enable them to apply for a new job or to take leave, as well as help them manage their schedules better.

  • Digital Payslips

    The Challenge

    Providing employees with paper-based payslips can impose significant costs on a business from paper and ink to distribution. Collecting payslips also eats into the productive time of employees as well as the HR officers who have to distribute them.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s digital payslips solution enables employees to access their payslip on their mobile phone either as a PDF or a digital representation. This saves time and costs, ensures that employees always have access to up-to-date pay data and that any payslip corrections can be done easily and speedily.

    The Impact

    • Decrease in time spent on payslip distribution.
    • Increase in cost savings.
    • Improved ability of employees to readily access payslip information when they need it.
  • Digital Leave Solution

    The Challenge

    Manual leave systems impose significant costs and administrative burdens on organisations whilst employees are often left in the dark, not fully understanding how the leave system works, how much leave they have left or having to wait for extended periods for their leave requests to be approved.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s digital leave solution improves operational efficiency by enabling employees to access leave policies and procedures digitally at a touch of a button. They can also get quick and easy access to their leave balances and submit leave applications.

    The Impact

    • Cost savings from decreased printing and distribution costs.
    • Decrease in time spent on manual leave application and administration processes.
    • Increased efficiencies in leave application process.
    • Improved ability of employees to plan their scheduled leave.
  • Schedule Management

    The Challenge

    Ineffective schedule management can cause significant inefficiencies in organisations where frequent schedule updates are required resulting in employees not being at work when they are supposed to, potentially leading to work stoppages or decreases in productivity or employees traveling into work only to find that they are not needed for that shift.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s schedule management solution enables employees to easily and instantly access their shift schedules and standby rosters digitally so they always know when they are required to work and they can also be informed of any changes within seconds. Knowing who is on standby at any given moment also improves the ability of managers to make quick work adjustments to respond to the unexpected.

    The Impact

    • Decrease in schedule related work stoppages or productivity dips.
    • Increased ability of employees to manage their time.
    • Enhanced ability of managers to respond to scheduling emergencies.

Key Features.

  • Payslips

    • Providing employees with access to digital payslips
    • Quick access to printable PDF payslips at the click of a button
    Improved HR employee experience
  • Leave

    • Access to leave day balance information
    • Digital leave applications made easy via a mobile-first interface
    Leave and benefits employee experience
  • Schedule Management

    • Digitised schedules to decrease work stoppages or dips in productivity
    • Standby rosters to ensure that staff are always aware of when they’re expected to be available.
    Operational efficiency screens for digital employee experience

Our Experts.

  • Merel
    van der Lei

    CEO; CPO

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    Expert in Future of Work

    Expert in Empathic leadership

    Expert in Employee Experience Management

    Expert in Mobile Technologies

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  • Leon
    Janse van Rensburg

    Head of Implementations

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    Expert in Digitisation and Systems Integrations

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