Who we are.

The Wyzetalk Brand Story

Our mission is to help frontline workers thrive because we believe when they thrive the organisations they work for and society thrives.

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What we do.

The Wyzetalk Difference

Wyzetalk’s three-channel solution, including smart and feature phones, connects organisations with their frontline employees, on any device anywhere. Our team of sector specialists walks hand in hand with our clients, every step of the way, helping to increase operational efficiencies and boost overall business performance.

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More than Just an App.

More than a SaaSy

The Wyzetalk solution offers a range of Professional Services that go above and beyond your typical employee engagement platform. Watch this short video to find out how.

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Client Testimonials.

Digital Innovation in Mining

Agile and innovative, the Wyzetalk platform, enabled Implats to automate the process of applying for travel and work permits for their employees. This improved efficiency and the employee experience for their frontline workers by eliminating the need for printed permits. It also eradicated the costs and time spent on repeated…

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Targeted Microlearning

Traditional learning systems made it difficult to ensure that all employees had access to the correct training materials and also made it hard to track training undertaken from one central point. Wyzetalk implemented learning on the go, where employees could access modules from their mobile devices and have their scores…

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Engaging Workers at Sea

Using the Wyzetalk platform, the company was able to connect directly with seafaring employees, enabling them to engage with colleagues on other ships and those in the office. Through the platform the company was able to give employees critical company information, undertake employee surveys and run wellness campaigns to boost…

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Employee Engagement During a Crisis

The Wyzetalk platform enabled RCL FOODS to provide a two-way communication solution for their employees. The platform provided an agile, data-free engagement environment where the company could connect with its employees, supporting them through the pandemic.

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Walking with You Every Step of the Way

Using the learning capabilities of the Wyzetalk platform, the company has been able to up-skill employees by providing training material and testing modules. Using the analytics capabilities of the platform, the company has been able to monitor campaigns, thus tailoring the content strategy to improve engagement and connect better with…

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Crisis Communications.

COVID-19 Critical Communications

Wyzetalk’s crisis communications solution has been a vital component of the employee experience for many of our customers since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the platform has enabled the digitisation of manual, paper-based systems to more efficient and, in the case of COVID screening, safer automated ones.

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Our Experts.

2021 Gartner Report.

Gartner Innovation Insight for the Connected Factory Worker

Innovation Insight for the Connected Factory Worker

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