Our Solution.

Wyzetalk’s corporate communications solution and employee engagement app immediately results in better two-way communication between the organisation and its employees. From an employer perspective, our three-channel solution enables companies to connect with all employees anytime, anywhere, getting the right message to the right person at the right time and sponsoring better workplace alignment.

  • Targeted

    The Challenge

    Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is often the biggest challenge in internal communications. Which is why it’s so important to have a mobile-first solution that places important information right at people’s fingertips whilst also being able to send segmented employee communications targeted at specific audiences.

    The Solution

    Through Wyzetalk’s corporate communications module, you can communicate business information in a variety of forms including leadership messages, new company initiatives or product launches, company awards, functional area updates or company news in the media. Our segmentation capabilities also allow you to send specific messages to specific audiences, be it particular business units, geographies, work groups or levels.  

    In addition, for critical information you don’t want anyone to miss, you can use our NewsFeed, Rotating Banners or What’s New breadcrumbs to surface important stories or information to the top linked to SMS notifications to draw employees to the platform. 

    The Impact

    • Increased employee awareness of where the company is going and what is expected of them.
    • Better organisational alignment.
  • Employee

    The Challenge

    For internal communications to be effective, it has to be two-way and not just top-down, one-way communications. This is because it is critical for companies to have an understanding of how corporate communications are received and understood whilst giving employees a voice also promotes a sense of belonging and ownership. 

    The Solution

    Using Wyzetalk’s survey capabilities, you can conduct culture, engagement or employee experience surveys across the whole business or conduct a pulse survey to test a specific issue or trends in a specific business unit, geography, work group or level. The results are communicated in a dashboard format enabling you to quickly pick up trends or structure the information so that you can deep dive into specific issues. Our ideation solution also enables employees to put forward ideas to improve performance in the business or just to provide general feed-back. 

    The Impact

    • An increased sense of belonging amongst employees. 
    • A better understanding of employee perspectives and people trends. 
  • Peer-to-Peer

    The Challenge

    Whilst effective peer-to-peer employee communication helps to enhance collaboration within the workplace, unmoderated employee communications can result in the development of a lot of noise in the system which then undermines effective communication. Moderated peer-to-peer communications mechanisms are thus crucial to promoting collaboration and effective communications at the same time.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s social feed is an effective tool for building morale across the organisation and sharing best practices. Employees can share real-time posts as well as like and comment on each other’s updates. This feed is great for sharing individual and team achievements, employee participation in organisational or team challenges and special campaigns or days as well as photo galleries. And since the social feed can be moderated, you can always ensure that communications are business appropriate and relevant to the audience. 

    The Impact

    • Collaborative and effective communications channels.
    • Increased morale and employee participation.
    • Relevant business-appropriate communications.

Key Features.

  • Connecting with Employees

    • Leadership messages
    • Company news in the media shared easily
    • Distributing information about new company initiatives
    • New product launches announced
    • Sharing news about company awards
    • Functional area updates
    • Segmented communication to a specific target audience
  • Employee Feedback Channels

    • Annual surveys e.g. culture, employee experience and employee engagement levels
    • Undertake pulse surveys quickly and easily
    • Platform feedback
    • General employee feedback
  • Staff Zones

    • Social feed for real-time team engagement
    • Themed engagement
    • Announcements of individual and team achievements
    • Sharing of photo galleries and other social information

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