Our Solution.

Communicate with your entire workforce immediately, wherever they are, providing employees with the correct information so that they can respond and react accordingly.

  • Strike Action

    The Challenge

    Being able to communicate quickly and effectively during strike action is critical to managing potential costly work stoppages.

    The Impact

    Wyzetalk’s crisis communications solution enables you to issue critical communications to employees to avert a potential strike, alert managers of pending strike action, issue communications regarding protocols to be followed during the strike period, keep employees up to date with accurate information during strike negotiations and manage a return to work in an effective manner.

    The Solution

    • Increased ability to always keep managers and employees up-to-date.
    • Decreased impact of business disruption.
    • Improved transparency and connection with employees.
  • Product Recalls

    The Challenge

    Being able to undertake a speedy product recall is key to preserving a manufacturer’s brand reputation and even preventing the loss of life.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s crisis communications solution enables you to send messages to targeted manufacturing plants, distribution centres and stores within minutes. In addition, our task management functionality enables managers to send instructions to team members to remove the affected items and for them to track compliance including written and pictorial proof that the task has been completed.

    The Impact

    • Product recalls are done quickly and effectively.
    • Prevention of negative consumer impacts.
    • Decrease in potential reputational damage.
    • Minimisation of financial losses.
  • Pandemics

    The Challenge

    When an unexpected pandemic suddenly hits, being able to communicate quickly and effectively to a dispersed workforce becomes critical.

    The Solution

    Wyzetalk’s 3-channel communications solution enables you to reach all your employees anywhere, anytime in a moment of crisis within minutes. Our best of breed segmentation capabilities ensure that you can target your critical communications to different audiences depending on how they are affected by the crisis including sending corporate updates, shift recall communications, travel permits as well as information regarding safety protocols and screening processes.

    The Impact

    • Employees kept up-to-date and connected during uncertain times of crisis.
    • Ability to provide dispersed employees with critical documents instantaneously.

Key Features.

  • Critical Communications

    • Important messages from leadership
    • Pandemic protocols, processes and information
    • Strike alerts
    • Urgent announcements of product recalls
    • Distribution of important company news and information
    • Segmented communication to a specific target audience

Client Success Story.

Communicating in a Crisis

Learn how organisations used the Wyzetalk solution to ensure all their frontline employees had access to critical crisis comms when they needed it.


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