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Use case

Health and safety is the number one concern in mining. It’s tragic when lives are lost, and the impact it has on operations can be catastrophic. Traditional methods of communicating such as notice boards, flyers and posters have proven to be ineffective. Shifts are long and labour intensive, and employees are typically required to work in remote locations where they are away from their families for long stretches of time.

Our approach

The first step is getting the workforce connected via an official employee app. Workers can access the app at any time to view content relevant to their jobs, see updated info like production targets, safety messages, job postings and health information as well as enter competitions and participate in surveys. They receive an SMS linking them to the mobile community where they can give feedback, answer questions or update their details.

Shipping & Mining Employee Engagement

Crisis Communications

Deliver immediate communications to everyone at the click of a button when there is a crisis, such as accidents, faulty machinery, or any kind of work disruption, to advise on the correct action and protocol.

Shipping & Mining Employee Engagement

Health & Safety

Run health and safety campaigns, communicate critical safe behaviours, track Lost-Time Injury (LTI) stats and enable employees to read up on and order Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Mining & Shipping Employee Engagement

Personal Well-being

Send birthday wishes, deliver helpful advice on common issues like indebtedness, health & fitness and parenting, as well as host awareness days and wellness campaigns that make a difference on an individual level.

Impala employee engagement

Impala Platinum Case Study

01 July 2018

Building on from the work we’ve undertaken in the mining sector, we launched with Impala Platinum Rustenburg Operations in March 2017. The work we’re doing here has been incredibly rewarding and from the employee feedback we’ve received we know we’re changing lives.

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