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Use case

Oil & Gas companies have scores of employees out in the field on oil rigs, remote plants and fueling stations. These frontline workers often feel disconnected from head office. Even when critical safety information reaches them, there is no way of measuring whether the information has been understood or not. Call centres are often inundated with requests from employees for basic information that could be automated.

Our approach

With a branded employee app, company information, critical safety information and even personal HR information can be delivered to each employee on their personal mobile device. This can have a profound impact on how they feel about the business and the role that they play in it. Delivering useful info such as payslips and leave can make a significant difference to how fast employees adopt the app as the official communications channel.

Gas & Oil Employee Engagement

Payslip delivery

By digitising payslip delivery, employees get instant access to an itemised payslip via their personal mobile device. Empower your employees and save on printing and courier costs. It’s a win win.

Oil & Gas Employee Engagement

Training & Learning

Safety information can be delivered in 
byte-sized modules suited for mobile consumption. On-the-job training can be measured, and notifications can be automated to encourage the completion 
of modules.

Gas & Oil Employee Engagement

Feedback & Surveys

Culture and sentiment surveys, incident reporting, business improvement ideas and even anonymous tip-off lines are all possible with Wyzetalk. Results can be exported and shared at the click of a button.