The rate of digital transformation has intensified recently, particularly when it comes to employee experience and employee engagement. It has never been more important for organisations to reach their workers, wherever they are, than it is now.

The pandemic has highlighted the fact that frontline employees, for the most part, have historically been overlooked when it comes to matters of employee engagement. A Workplace study reveals that 86% of non-desk employees feel connected to their direct co-workers, but only 14% feel connected to their organisations’ HQ, and only 3% feel connected to their C-Suite.

The last two years have forced many large organisations to shift the way they engage with their employees as the result of on-going lockdowns, restrictions, and legislation around COVID-19. For the majority of us, the everyday working landscape has dramatically changed, and companies with large, widely dispersed workforces have had to adapt, adjust, and implement new ways of connecting with their employees.

People-centricity has become a core focus during this time, where companies are now investing in their employees to create a better, happier working environment. In fact, a report by Gartner, titled Innovation Insight for the Connected Factory Worker, states that: “Industry has undergone a pendulum shift from solely optimizing physical assets to a balanced approach that encapsulates the contributions of the manufacturing workforce.” And this applies to most industries that employ a frontline workforce.

By implementing technology that connects employees, gives them a voice, and provides them with the tools for them to do their jobs better, businesses are guaranteed to improve the day-to-day working experience of their frontline employees and foster engagement and a sense of belonging to the organisation. According to the same research, 25% of employees feel more connected to head office and the connection to the C-suite “more than doubles” when companies utilise digital employee engagement solutions.

But a digital employee engagement platform does not only improve a sense of connection and engagement. Disengaged employees have been estimated to cost businesses more than $500 billion a year. But, when organisations introduce employee engagement technology, they can improve their workforce retention by 82% and boost productivity by 70%, according to one study.

So, it is not surprising that more and more large, complex organisations with vast, dispersed workforces in different geographical locations, are looking to employee engagement solutions that can be easily accessed by ALL their workers.

Wyzetalk’s digital employee experience solution enables true engagement using a three-channel (USSD, mobi or app) mobile platform that facilitates so much more than just top-down messaging. Designed to be employee-centric, the Wyzetalk platform improves employee communication, provides the tools for frontline workers to do their jobs better and makes their work lives easier, thus improving the bottom line and boosting employee productivity.

To find out how the Wyzetalk solution can positively impact your employee engagement challenges, talk to an Expert today.