Digital Learning Systems: The Right Tools for the Job

Traditional retail companies, for many years, appeared to be immune to the digitisation wave that swept across every aspect of society. This has rapidly changed in recent times. Consumers wielding mobile phones while cruising shopping aisles, carry with them the power to read consumer reviews, locate cheaper alternatives, snap shareable images, or fit a clothing item, before buying it online.

A Changing Dynamic for Learning Systems

This has placed greater pressure and focus on retail employees, who are often ill-equipped to deal with knowledgeable consumers. Research shows that 83% of American retail shoppers consider themselves more informed about products than the retail staff who are assisting them.

The primary challenge many retailers face is frequently changing product offerings and a pressing need to provide their employees with training to cope with this constant change.

Existing learning systems are inadequate in this regard. While workshop or expert training sessions can meet some demands, digital learning systems are the most effective way to address these issues. Approximately 60% of employees already view their mobile devices as critical work devices. It, therefore, makes sense for companies to make learning systems available via an employee engagement app. This allows retailers to leverage technology in a similar fashion to consumers, in order to put their employees on the front foot during in-store engagements with shoppers.

Knowledge is Power

In this respect, mobile learning systems (a form of e-learning) are perfectly suited to an employee engagement app as it allows employees to access training on their preferred mobile devices and platforms. In an environment where retailers are under pressure to help their employees quickly understand, internalise and apply knowledge it provides a practical solution.

Class-leading digital learning systems that enable mobile learning via an employee engagement app have the following characteristics:

  • Quick deployment – Videos and other educational materials are presented in short chunks that take no more than three to seven minutes to view.
  • Targeted – Mobile learning will not bore your staff with superfluous fluff or extended descriptions of technical words. The content is designed to add practical value.
  • Impact orientated – Short, to-the-point material reduces distractions, resulting in more effective learning, thereby optimising the value of the learning system.
  • Brings fun to learning – Using an employee engagement app allows for the inclusion of interactive or gamification features in your training, which will make it more accessible and enjoyable.

At Wyzetalk we bring innovation to the development of digital learning systems. In particular, when it comes to digital learning systems made available via an employee engagement app, we bring not only the abovementioned characteristics but the ability to implement a corporate communications solution that improves two-way communication between the company and its employees.

Thus ensuring timeous, correct messaging and promoting improved workplace alignment in an era where informed consumers are increasingly demanding more of retail staff during their interactions. Our employee engagement solutions also offer retailers the ability to:

Digitise induction training

New workers can receive pre-and post-start date induction training via an employee engagement app. They can also take an evaluation after each training module to ensure they are ready to deal with customer requirements, as soon as they start to work.

Micro-Learning Systems

By allowing employees to study on the go, micro-learning overcomes the limitations of traditional physical training programs. These digital learning systems contain multi-media modules that can be completed anytime and anywhere. Thereby allowing employees to stay abreast of product innovations and consumer trends.


Research shows that in the American retail sector 42% of employees feel that their jobs negatively affect their stress levels. Employee wellbeing, or lack thereof, can have a substantial detrimental impact on an employee’s performance. In the challenging environs of the retail sector, this can have a negative impact on consumer relations. Using our employee engagement app employees can receive information on physical, mental, and financial wellbeing, as well as tips on how to enhance their own level of wellness.

Many retailers, faced with the need to adapt to a scenario in which knowledgeable consumers are driving change, choose to invest in data analytics, new products and alternative services to keep consumers engaged. While these are potentially important solutions, as a retailer you should not lose sight of your most important operational asset: your staff. By utilising digital learning systems and an employee engagement app to deliver mobile learning. Employees can be empowered with the knowledge to add value to the consumer experience by providing relevant facts or views about things they’re interested in, influencing the customer toward making a purchase decision.

The Wyzetalk Learning Systems Solution

Using the Wyzetalk learning functionality, employers are able to provide frontline retail employees with access to learning material. Upskilling employees and keeping their knowledge up to date not only improves the way the business runs but also creates a sense of belonging.

Unlike traditional paper-based classroom-style learning, the Wyzetalk micro-learning solution provides learning-on-the-go to all employees with a cell phone. Modules can be completed anywhere, at any time. Learning journeys can be segmented, employees can learn at their own pace, manage their own calendars, receive notifications of new material, and track their own progress. Managers can also track progress and get dashboard reports.

Employees can access learning material in a fast and efficient manner, and thanks to the three-channel capabilities, the material can be accessed on any device.

Our solution provides more employees with better access to learning material, and the ability to manage their own learning journeys, empowering them. But moreover, digitising learning provides the business with tracking data that provides information on an organisational, plant or business unit level, and enables employee progress to be monitored.

If you would like to find out more about the empowering impact mobile learning systems and an employee engagement app can have on your employee training programmes, please click here to talk to a Wyzetalk expert.