Direct dialogue with non-desk employees at sea contributes to engagement and well-being

Wyzetalk, a leading mobile-first digital employee engagement company, has added Reederei Nord to their client base. This is the first partnership that emphasizes the promising market introduction of Wyzetalk in The Netherlands. Their innovative solution allows Reederei Nord to effectively communicate with all their employees – including seafarers – around company news, health and safety practices as well as facilitating critical HR information such as easy access to schedules and policies. Reederei Nord can also receive feedback from their employees through surveys and forms.

Shipping companies typically communicate with sea captains by telephone and e-mail, which leaves many of the seafarers out of the direct communications loop. Using Wyzetalk, Reederei Nord aims to now provide their non-desk employees – who don’t have frequent access to corporate email – with a clear and direct line of communication from the business.

The Wyzetalk solution which works online and offline via a satellite linked hosting instance, is particularly important for global organizations such as Reederei Nord with over 1.500 employees operating at sea, where connectivity is just as essential as it is costly. Wyzetalk and Reederei Nord are in the pilot phase after which the solution will be implemented gradually across the entire organization.

Adriaan Rueppell, Managing Director of Reederei Nord: “Wyzetalk has a proven track record for solving business problems and a demonstrated ability to introduce and execute innovation in an environment that’s often seen as rather resistant to change. That’s why we have decided to pioneer with Wyzetalk for the systems integration of their application within the maritime environment. With the Wyzetalk solution, our non-desk employees can stay connected through a light, informal and attractive application, contributing to the overall safety and well-being of our seafarers. The enhanced connectivity with our most important resource – our seafarers, will build additional trust, reduce risk through clear and consistent messaging and thereby improve the overall employee experience.”

Gys Kappers, CEO and co-founder of Wyzetalk: “We are immensely proud to announce that we have landed our first client in The Netherlands. Considering the unusual times we are living in with the recent surge of the Coronavirus, it’s more important than ever before for companies not only to communicate with their employees, but to engage with them as well. This is especially true for organizations such as Reederei Nord, where the safety of employees and transparency of communication is a top priority. When an organization makes life better, simpler and more efficient for their non-desk workers, over time, we have seen that they make life better for the organization as a whole.”

This article has been published on SWZ Maritime