For large-scale businesses with thousands of employees, scattered over multiple sites, it is important to continuously drive efficiencies and maintain employee productivity. Having data centralised is key to reporting efficiently and accurately. All of these factors are important to have your business run like a well-oiled machine and at Wyzetalk, we find innovative ways to help companies do just that.

Paying close attention to what our clients need, we developed our forms function which has transformed how our clients go about their day-to-day activities.

Challenges Faced by Modern Organisations

Businesses today all have one challenge in common – new Covid-19 protocols that have to be put in place to keep workers safe. HR departments also have to cope with keeping records, such as scheduled or completed training, training assessment results, leave applications, sending out surveys and questionnaires, all while having to manage a myriad of job applications.

Wyzetalk Innovates to Solve Problems

Wyzetalk has developed forms as a way of tackling these problems for their clients. But how can forms solve these challenges?

Our forms capability is the foundation of these important interactions between companies and employees. From creating training assessments to improve skills, providing important records on Covid-19 self-assessments, to managing leave applications – our forms are at the core of digitising HR processes.

Five Features of our Forms

  • Wyzetalk forms are flexible – We give businesses the ability to create forms that suit your every need. Questionnaires, surveys, training assessments, Covid-19 screening- it can all be handled in a way that suits you best. Select forms that use multi-choice options, free text fields, field validation, buttons and other features that give you the flexibility to apply the solution, whatever process requires the capturing of data in a centralised way.
  • Dynamic scoring capabilities – Not only are our forms flexible but our scoring options are dynamic too. You can use different weighting options to provide scores that function differently for every situation. Whether you need a pass/fail scoring system or one that helps teach employees going forward, we can build a form that does it all.
  • Post-processing output to suit you – Much like the rest of our form capabilities, post-processing is just as important, whether you simply need to receive confirmation or store information. Depending on the information received, the form submission can kick off a workflow that is linked to that particular process. A practical example is that you can assign a health status to your employees, that will expire or reset in a particular timeframe. Using webhooks, we can integrate our forms with your medical system, transmitting important information to the medical staff to ensure their records are up to date. You choose how the information is pushed and where it is pushed to, and we will make it happen.
  • Gamification – In a world of instant gratification, it is proven that gamification works! The system can also award badges, rewards, or link to a leaderboard to motivate employees to take action.
  • Available for all – Wyzetalk forms are available to all users via USSD, mobi page, or app. In fact, our forms are so smart that an employee can start the process of completing a form via USSD and continue via the app if necessary. No restrictions, no exclusions – our forms are for all.

How Forms Move Businesses Forward

The ability to digitise systems that are usually paper-based (such as surveys or self-assessments) is an important way our forms change the way businesses run daily. Not only does it save time, but it reduces costs.

Our forms allow for information to be stored in a centralised system that can easily be accessed whenever necessary. No longer do you have to worry about losing information, consent and policy acceptance forms, or assessment outcomes.

Spending less time on managing processes and capturing data, organisations can focus on achieving their goals and making changes that will grow the bottom line.

The Wyzetalk solution, with its forms capabilities, enables organisations to create a better employee experience for large, widely dispersed frontline workforces. The digital, three-channel (USSD, mobi or app) platform can help improve operational efficiency and boost employee productivity by replacing paper-based forms.

To find out more about the Wyzetalk platform speak to one of our Experts.