Employee Engagement Platform Technology

The technology

Wyzetalk’s secure, patented, cloud-based employee engagement platform facilitates immediate and simultaneous top-down and bottom-up communication via SMS or in-app notification delivered to a dedicated mobile app, mobi-site or via USSD. The employee engagement platform gives your internal teams the ability to both deliver customised campaigns and content as well as receive survey responses.

Mobile community setup

Our technical team facilitates the mobile community setup in the form of a mobile app, mobi-site URL, USSD code, or any combination thereof. The core functionality includes the ability to send alerts, share content and updates as well as receive employee feedback. We can integrate with your HR, Operations and Productivity Systems, and bespoke development is available for customer-specific requirements.

Mobile Employee Engagement Platform
User Management Platform

User management

HR data imports enable your teams to manage updates, joiners and leavers, and track employees’ content consumption and user behaviour on the employee engagement platform. We can set message co-owners for editing and configuration purposes, and set up approval workflows with automated notifications. All of this is delivered to a user-friendly dashboard that provides data-driven, real-time analytics and insights useful for business-critical decisions.

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