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Whether you’re launching your first employee app or looking to improve an existing one, here are some examples of the ways in which leading enterprises are using Wyzetalk to communicate with their workforce.

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Company Information

When thinking about the kind of communication your workforce might be interested in, best practice suggests starting with the basics. Regular messages from the CEO go a long way towards helping staff feel informed and cared for, while communicating the latest company news and values are often profound first steps in getting your workforce connected.

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HR Admin

The employee experience for non-desk workers can be like having HR in your pocket. Employees can view their leave balance and apply for leave on their personal mobile phone. Payslips can be delivered instantly and standard policies and procedures can be made available at the click of a button. Even job vacancies, learning and development and reward and recognition programs can be introduced with the ability to track activity and performance on an individual level.

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For most large organisations, profitability relies heavily on operational efficiency. By digitising schedule management, everyone has access to the latest schedule and receives change alerts so they need never miss another shift. Employees can view production dashboards in real time, so if the team is falling behind, they can work together to catch up. New recruits can get up to speed quickly by receiving induction and training information on-the-go.

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Health & Safety

There are a number of ways to ensure that health and safety protocols are recognised and adhered to. Lost Time Injury (LTI) statistics can be shared with employees and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) can be ordered directly via the employee app. Health and safety campaigns, tips and critical safe behaviours can be created and shared to each individual.

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Feedback & Surveys

One of the most powerful features of the Wyzetalk solution is the ability to gather feedback quickly and accurately. Because it’s received digitally the results can be extracted and segmented, providing insights on both macro and micro level. This functionality has proven to be really useful for business areas such as measuring culture and sentiment, problem or incident reporting, anonymous tip-off lines, ideation and business improvement ideas or to update personal info.

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Team Engagement

Leaderboards are an effective tool for building morale across the organisation and encouraging healthy competition between business units. Our social feed is structured and highly configurable, much like an intranet. Posts can be liked and or commented on by other users, and if required, opened for selected periods, with moderation capability.

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Personal Well-being

Personal well-being affects every area of life, and there are a number of simple ways to support employees while improving productivity. Our customers are seeing positive results by sharing advice around topics such as health and fitness, indebtedness, and through wellness campaigns and awareness days.

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External Community Engagement

Working in remote, dispersed locations influences the workforce in many more ways than simply their job. The external community support provided by organisations such as a crisis comms channel for their families, housing developments and medical care info, community investment news, bursaries and learnerships or funding applications, all this information can be made available via their personal mobile device.