“Approximately 40% of all employees are considering leaving their jobs within the next year.” This is according to a recent research paper from Gartner®. The research paper, titled “Drive Employee Experience for Frontline Workers Using HR Technology” discusses the high prevalence of employee attrition that many large organisations are facing at the moment.

The Aftereffects of COVID-19

The pandemic has caused a huge spike in employees wanting to quit their jobs, particularly among frontline workers. According to Gartner, “Frontline workers have borne the brunt of COVID-19 so may feature strongly in the “great resignation,” leaving organisations with the expensive and time-consuming job of recruiting replacements.”

The research unpacks the importance of improving the employee experience, particularly for frontline workers and utilising technology to do so.

Key Gartner® Research Findings

Stakeholders across the business need to take ownership of the employee experience – not just one department.

What works for one organisation will not necessarily work for another, so an off-the-shelf solution is not always the answer.

Lack of access to technology for frontline workers needs to be considered as, for the most part, they are not desk-based so don’t have easy access to computers.

The Gartner report findings unequivocally state that improving the employee experience is fundamental to retaining employees. At the end of the day, creating an environment where people want to come to work, where they feel heard and cared about, goes a long way to building a positive culture in the workplace and fostering loyalty.

What Companies Can Do to Improve the Employee Experience

Many organisations have fallen into the trap of offering higher salaries to keep their people, but this has proven not to be the most successful way of preventing a mass exodus. Providing employees with the tools to do their jobs better, a platform where they can be heard, a solution that maximises efficiency, prioritises health and safety, and connects them to each other and the organisations for which they work all contribute to a better overall experience of the workplace.

As a leading digital employee experience solution, Wyzetalk provides a fully integrated, customisable platform that not only boosts employee engagement, but that also improves operational efficiency, contributing to overall employee productivity.

Using mobile technology, Wyzetalk’s three-channel solution (mobi, USSD or App) is suitable for both smart and feature phones, so is readily accessible to frontline workers without organisations having to incur huge costs for supplying hardware.

Easily integrated with existing systems, the Wyzetalk solution can be used to improve the HR experience for employees by providing access to digital payslips and leave applications. Health and safety dashboards empower employees to take responsibility for their own safety records. Using the platform’s productivity dashboards, frontline employees can track and monitor their own work and that of other teams. Tasks can be assigned, checked, and completed using the mobile-first digital platform. With the functionality to operate shift rosters, communicate shift changes and send important messages, the Wyzetalk solution ensures that no one is left out of the loop or left behind. Wyzetalk’s employee engagement platform offers peer-to-peer communication and a place where employees can give feedback and offer their own ideas too.


It is clear from this research that for organisations to retain their frontline workers they need to adopt a new approach, one that improves the overall work lives of their employees.

Explore the findings of this research further by accessing the complimentary research paper by Gartner, brought to you by Wyzetalk.