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Use case

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges. The nature of the work is very hands on, and employees typically have very little access to company news and resources to keep them informed. The margins for error are narrow, and a disengaged workforce can quickly lead to high levels of absenteeism, non-compliance and safety risks.

Our approach

An employee app makes it possible for every worker to stay informed and work productively and safely. Internal communications can be workflowed to ensure the right person receives the right message at the right time, and results from sentiment surveys can be captured and analysed quickly. Accidents can be avoided with the ability to send out emergency comms instantly.

Manufacturing Employee Engagement

Business Improvement Idea

Extract quality suggestions for your business by giving your people who are closest to the job an opportunity to share their ideas for business improvement.

Manufacturing Employee Engagement

Union Related Comms

Utilise the ability to communicate with your entire workforce by sending information about events such as mass meetings, and gathering feedback in near real-time to critical survey questions.

Manufacturing Employee Relationships

Company Info

Display a message to all staff from the CEO or leadership team, communicate important company news and get the entire organisation up to speed on the values, purpose, vision and mission.

unions employee engagement

Unions Case Study

15 June 2017

Wyzetalk is committed to helping organisations build trust through transparent communication. We focus on the organisation as a whole, including stakeholders that have an impact on the employee’s welfare and well-being. In large organisations, like those in the mining, retail and manufacturing sectors, this means being inclusive of the Unions that represent the interests of employees too.

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